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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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As was posted earlier, the Russians have been granted rights over the entire Arctic Ocean. Whilst many will be alarmed due to a pending Communist invasion of the country, it is more likely the deals of the Globalists as they have other issues at hand. The Earth is changing beyond the capacity of HAARP and Scalar technology. I believe what we are witnessing is factions within the Global community that are like the dark magicians of Atlantis and are helping to destroy the world as we know it. Kind of like every James Bond villain activated all at once. There truly is one dark lord pulling the strings behind a curtain somewhere, some say in Southern France, and it certainly is not Obama, as the Anti-Christ would never bow to anyone. So this means you have other groups still acting out their duty and protocols and having to counter all of the catastrophes popping up, whilst in denial of the evil they share offices with. But some of these events are caused by celestial stirrings as well, and probably by those foo fighters, you know, all of the little plasma ball - UFO's of late. By the way, the plasma balls are inter-dimensional beings moving in and out between dimensions. And some are human technology. The two are definitely orchestrating something wicked. But back to the Arctic. There are methane bubbles galore escaping through the Arctic seabeds, so the Globalists that are not in the know (they know, but are just too afraid of their counterparts), as far as the dark agents and their agendas are concerned, have assigned Russia to deal with the issues there.
[link to www.independent.co.uk]
[link to news.yahoo.com]
[link to articles.businessinsider.com]
Arctic Methane Release: The End Of The World As We Know It?
[link to thinkprogress.org]

These methane escapes are caused by massive plate movements in the earth. So at some point it is really going to get bad. Not only will the methane kill life, but the other ominous issue at hand is the massive volcanoes and EQ's to follow, and I suspect enormous storms too and atmospheric changes that will even have the Obama cell phone heads and other zombies pissing in their pants. They will no longer be able to put on a face of normalcy to walk into a Walmart, or McDonalds.
Thread: crazy experience at a Wal Shart, gives me insight into what could be to come!!!!

The methane in Louisiana is probably related to the Arctic events, and if someone did enough research, they might find other locations having the same issues, ones that TPTB are keeping secret. The numerous sinkholes everywhere are definitely related to the Louisiana sinkhole.
Thread: Sinkhole update................ “Heed evacuation orders” (Page 11)

Undoubtedly WWIII is meant to provide cover and an excuse to lock the place down. The precursors to that are all around you now. You know how they like to control things, as long as they can that is.
Thread: Chinese hackers break in to White House military office network in charge of the president’s nuclear football! Doom On!!

book You just have to know how to read between the lines. But some of this stuff is obvious now, I mean c'mon.
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