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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah, there's a lot going on right now, isn't there? But what is going on with just some of us being able to see a large poisonous snake in the room? I mean a large, 20 foot Black Mamba too, but no one around us seems to see it or care. It is like the snake has them in a trance, right? So does that mean we should stay in the room with these people, who evidently have fallen under the snakes charm? I don't think so, let them get eaten, it's too late for them.

And the proof for everything is being paraded all round us too, which also seems intentional. Doesn't that mean that something is going to throw all of this up into their faces later? Doesn't that suggest a spiritual quality to all of this? Just take mind control for instance. Not only is there an abundance of material out there, with Bill Clinton apologizing for MkUltra experiments in the US [link to www.youtube.com] -- but not even high college students, sitting around with guitars and smoke talk about the very things that should be fascinating the hell out of them. Doesn't that show that mind control is not only real, but there is some type of frequency, or signal that permeates and unifies all of the zombies around the world into one single thought process? --Into trends, or patterns, routines even, with small borders of acceptance. I mean you will get the same responses from nearly every person around the world when you bring up the truth, no matter the demographic. Even when it comes to animals falling out of the sky dead, right onto their cars, [link to www.youtube.com] or EQ's, they just don't seem to care. And their eyes when you talk to them, seem to change or something. I've noticed pupils enlarging like they are possessed, or some get cloudy, or they will squint and turn away. Some, if not many even get angry at you for ever bring it up, like something in the air is listening. They all have a systemic response to the information, like something controls them and is making them react. There is a scene in one of the UFO videos posted above where people were standing in a Grocery parking lot, starring at numerous UFO's in the sky above. I mean so clear it looked like an invasion, and a fat black lady pulled up in her car, got out and didn't even look up while several people stood around, going nuts over it. No, she just puts on a face of normalcy and struts into the store, as if it is a criminal offense to act any other way, as if it is criminal to want to survive.

So what the fuck, are you and I crazy? No, but we are being monitored and played with on boards. So check it.

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