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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You guys are getting played like a violin. Look back at the original BP oil spill. It was the usual and some added alternative personalities saying 2 mile high tsunami, super volcano and nothing happened but the usual slow kill, as well separate those that bought the fear campaign from their jobs, friends, and spouses. This is a psy op to condition and apply negative reinforcement to those giving conspiracy any thought as people will continue to witness those that listen be put into destitute. I mean look at this radchick. who in the fuck is the radchick. she pops up with a fake persona a month ago and is everywhere fringe about the sinkhole. this was seen during the BP oil spill too. they control the message by giving you, like the bullhorn fat man, just enough to get you to bite and never allow anything true, but mostly impending doom that never happens.

Agenda 21, they are building small apartments in cities, but wish to condition the populace still with fear, obedience, and make sure those that question authority is squeezed out from the genetic pool. They will change the new madrid, just not when they advertise. They apparently wish to make that some type of super canal. always look at the outcomes. BP -- more slow kill, take away natural food supply, and condition. So is this radchick. she will be gone in 4 months from now. she is connected to O/r/acle which is as CIA as austin bullhorn. Fear makes those that witness the social conditioning obedient. "I don't want to end up like so and so that followed that radchick." This is their game. I really question how many followers are real too. Google certain people and ites and its right there, for pages. But somehow the conspiracy minded over look the google search option, or do not recognize these patterns. Look at John Moore, we're in October. Now go back and listen to that Nibiru is here show. Now he doesn't want to discuss it with callers. fear, lies, conditioning, slow kill. just like breeding dogs for behaviors. that is what this is. sorry to kill your idea of being set free by a super volcano but get real. you want to face a volcano or tsunami but are scared of a bunch of fat guys in clown outfits, or can't figure out that the radchick is another john moore? she is now on Deagle.

lets see if this gets censored.
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