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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So now the metallic sky sounds and booms, like what was recently heard in Boston and San Diego (like Clintonville, WI) is starting to become more clear. Most people cannot understand the complete truth because they cannot handle the truth. They cope by staying in small illusory boxes. It looks like this is all about to come to a head, and no, we are not looking at more chronic, Fabian slow kill either. This is not 3 to 8 years out. this is now immediate. It doesn't matter what the sell outs have been led to believe, they were told lies too in order to get them to participate. Research Dr. John Mack and Dr. Karla Turner, both murdered. DHS and the FBI are not in control of anything here. Neither is the old KGB, or corporations.

Listen to the children, they will describe what is in control.

Nothing we know of could displace that mush earth this quickly. This is why researchers are hitting perplexed walls. They only quantify by human technology. It never makes sense because of the amount of earth involved, I mean the entire New Madrid would take more than just fracking. Well now you know. Ignorance is bliss is over now too. The controllers will not allow it.
[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25957561

So these energy directed weapons [link to www.deps.org] is what pulverized the World Trade Centers and are what is being used now to cause the 2012 Mayan Calendar orchestrated doom. The very doom that was rumored to be artificially caused by the Neo cons years back to bring about an artificial Armageddon.

Now we know why the secret societies flooded the internet after 9/11 with the alternative media and the many Mockingbird personalities and psy op documentaries: to sell the cover. Documentaries like Loose Change, Architects for 9/11 truth, Austin Bullhorn fat man, and Zeitgeist, among others. They wanted to place the cause of the event solely on bogus claims, like thermite and demolitions. But there was not debris, and that was even admitted by the news coverage as seen in the embedded video above. A white dust was observed recently in a Louisiana explosion, or incident. They do not want people to know about Tesla technology that will, and is being used to cause the 2012 apocalypse. Technology that is also used for mind control.

Think about all the people in 9/11 running out covered in white dust, and no debris from 4 buildings, with intact vehicles scattered below. Buildings cut cleanly in half in places with desks and chairs remaining un-burned at the cut. Giant skyscrapers designed to take the impact of passenger planes due to proximity to airports and height with enormous iron centers GONE!! Buildings supposedly impacted by airplane fuel that burns at the same temperature as kerosene, which is used with camping stoves. Do the boy-scout pots melt?

What about the planes? Remember the recent Tu Pac hologram concert? [link to www.youtube.com] Or the ones in Japan? [link to www.youtube.com] Heck there are even touchable holograms now. And the reality loving Lemmings? Well, large amounts of people were in proximity to the pulverized buildings and didn’t ask any questions, other than the buildings appear pulverized. Pulverized means vanished into ash and dust. WTF? What??? Like I said, watch the video above, the information that Jesse Ventura brought up on “Disinfo Whores” and was quickly redirected by the SRA clown.

So what Hollywood performance are they orchestrating with their special secret energy directed weapons? 2012, The Movie maybe? Booms, strange sounds in the sky, DUMB expansions. People asked how the DUMBS would protect in plate displacements. Well now we know, the energy directed weapons target specific areas, and not others. This is staged, a controlled catastrophe!!! 2012 doom is staged just like terrorism was!

Things are heating up, let the killing party begin. But don’t forget about the zombie virus: Synthia. Look, listen, read all of these willing liars’ comments. See how many sociopaths are all around you. Just a frequency notch turned up on GWEN and some bio weapons to go with those vaccines and medications, along with all of their DSM diagnosis, and these freaks will start eating each other for real. Possessed rabies and all that happening during the energy directed doom. Do these liars not already seem a little – un-human?

Thread: Holy Shit - Check Iceland Out - Some Major EQ Swarming Going On.....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25987859

The above Dr. Judy Wood video and the one here explains the energy directed weaponry being used to foment the 2012 orchestrated operation. The booms are explained, and also -- research how there was a hurricane off of NY the day of 9/11 but theory lied to cover that up. The information in the videos will lead you to the truth with some research. The inventor of said weapons exhibited a small device in 1911 from Tesla tech. Just take the time to watch and then research. This is what Jesse Ventura went crazy over after waking up and then understood that he had been played by alternative media personalities. Look at posts of similar nature on this thread.

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

The Hutchison Effect and Hurrican Erin
George Piggott
Space Telegraphy, transmitting radiant electrical energy.
Patent granted: Oct. 24, 1911

Explains why the jumpers on 9/11 and getting naked.
White dust/ ash.

HAARP harmonics, Scalar -- all of it.
This is why they inundated the web with psy op documentaries and forums -- to cover up this tech and what they are doing with it. 2012: the operation.

Why all of the movies? promotions?
now you know.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16066996

So all these earth changes are related and being made to happen by secret energy weapons? Is that why the Sun feels hotter too, because the are beaming the ionosphere and thinning it? --Booms, animal deaths, birds falling out of the sky, etc.

Thread: 10/21/2012 - Central California 5.3M EARTHQUAKE Volcanic Movement 1000s quakes in 24 hours

These oddities have been seen around the world, recently in the Middle East.

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15579684

Synthia is only a part to a zombie like global pandemic. A technologically induced possession that has already started implementation via TV programming, Operant/ Classical conditioning of human behavior and thought process (Cybernetics), vaccines, GMO's, chemtrails/ smart dust, cultural norms shifted to accepting the macabre as en vogue, the GWEN system/ frequency based weapons (including smart meters)/ Scalar/ HAARP harmonics (a multi-variant application), CERN dimensional warping or torsion field manipulations, will all be added to the radiation (research Babylon Working ritual by Jack Parsons) and ancient oil (research the alien virus/ Prometheus), and other chemicals as well synthetic spores, algae, molds, and fungus.

Now think about all of the outbreaks related to those issues over the past 2 years. The reason the covert/ Nazi CIA, along with the former Mengele/ Dr. Greene and Michael Aquino types (mind Wars) tested the drugs, specifically LSD on populations via the hippie movement was related to all of this (Think "They Live."). This should tell you about the time table and what I am about to tell you, as to who and how -- really controls this Matrix field we call life. Like Eyes Wide Shut showed, it is all theater and story. First, these people are at minimum, willing walk ins, meaning they are possessed in a new age, UN fad phrase. Beside Adrenochrome and drinking children's blood and experimenting on relayed pressures in the spiritual field called pain and feelings, they tested the influence of chemicals, or drugs on the interlocking doors into the subconscious. Meaning they were researching more efficient ways to possess a soul through the illusory life experience, to make it all happen faster than the normal daily grind of work suffrage and consumerism/ desires. Your world is a farm, farming loosh energy -- souls. (ask a vampire in first, to your house). Reincarnation is merely a way to keep wearing the soul down until completely assimilated into the One, or hive mind. Saturn and Lucifer, or the 7 chief archon planets. Anonymous, we are Legion making sense yet? They control both sides of the bi polar argument to make you chose one of their operatives.

So the drugs put people into a more real environment in which the souls are conditioned to be afraid of, because of the story of death. Souls have been conditioned to believe the body is them and that simple stories like work suffrage, or slavery and consuming goods is normal and allows them to cope and avoid the idea of death. So they use drugs like salvia to blast them with sudden truth, schizophrenic truth that the domesticated souls, well much of them being already diluted, just cannot accept or take fear based token economy, or trauma based programming. In truth, the matrix and environment around you is a simulation, and not at all real when it comes to your true self. none of it is you until you believe in it so much that you get possessed by it through DNA.

So big pharma is basically turning people into automatons, or zombies, or better: possessed robots that more or less affect those less possessed now, becoming part of the coercion process. the farm is highly optimized and is always up-grading, hence cybernetics/ system mechanics. So now, when one becomes hit with sickness, and has drug or bio weapon hallucinations, the fear and confusion allows for a quick possession and makes that avatar, or body a zombie that will kill due to pain and fear, as anger is a secondary emotion to fear. A lion or wolf has been known to become a man eater from a simple tooth ache, as the pain alone drives animals mad.

So then you ask, aren't the people making this stuff going to die too? answer: they are walk ins, possessed or archonic energies inside human looking vessels like "They Live," and much of them are already dead, or "Branded." [link to www.youtube.com] This is shown or projected with movies like the up coming, The Host too, [link to www.youtube.com] or Cabin in The Woods. It's everywhere, especially vampire movies, parasites as they must tell you first as guilt and shame is the number one way to possess some one, especially upon so called death. the aliens, or daemons live through their avatars, or husks to manage this farm. [link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net] Did it look like the girl off of the exorcist movie made any sense? that is who creates technology and bio weapons. that is who employs these sell out diluted souls that will be feasted upon soon in a alien rapture harvest like "Skyline." this Truman show, this matrix is happening in parallel universes, or in a multi verse. that is how time travel is possible, but no matter where Alice goes, what room or hole she enters, she is always in the Matrix.

This message or post is not intended for GLP staff, or many of its members as they are frauds, familiars, or them, especially the tall red headed man on Fl, on a Airforce base. No, this is for the search engines as that is why paid sell out agents spam threads, to get to minds first that are researching. GLP instantly comes up in search engines, on Google on the very first page at the top, but how? Yes, this is for those that are still alive as after one house attacks, another attacks them. Very complicated, and this is complicated enough, so... And these people in their theater costumes aren't going anywhere, they are food. but you may be one that is still alive inside, spiritually, which is the true meaning to the Book of Life.

Much tech originates with Tesla, and look what they did, or stole from him. He was trying to make amends for past life injustices and escape their Branding. They, these things, simply mimic the art or matrix environment and make sacrifices to the higher daemons for favors, favors to persist in a dream. Sacrifices to the very ones that will soon eat them, the sell out people anyway. They mimic the daemons with trauma based programming and story telling as a control over the population. But do not make the mistake and think that these so called people are in control and base a time table of events on them. No matter what they prepare for, it will be used against them. They are all against one another and compete under different houses, emblems, symbols, flags, and agencies. A sick person always sabotages themselves.

and a mode for delivery:

[/youtube] [link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25895011

USER: AC 25895011 You should reread your post. It has been edited by someone to make it sound like non-sense, or at least incomprehensible. Fix the typos and people will understand it better. Great post by the way.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25936155

part of the cover, the slide, or wrong information:
Thread: Scientific Proof Of Nibiru

John Moore is like Jim Jones.

[link to www.youtube.com]

The Live is 4 real.

Again, the tech that is being used to cause 2012 and did 9/11.

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]
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