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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Operation 2012/ Make it Happen is in full swing.

It is anticipated that Frankenstorm will inundate the NE and Great Lakes region. The builders, or Mason ants have tunneled the New Madrid now for well over 40 years, heavily -- making the fault line resemble somewhat the combs of an anthill. Salt water from the Gulf of Mexico is traveling in from the South, while Sandy will inundate from the North an already compromised earth infrastructure.

Also, various Energy Directed Weapons Centers around the world are going into full effect with making 2012 happen. [link to www.navsea.navy.mil] among others, as this is a global operation (there were never really borders, it was another ruse) -- are beaming different areas, such as Mexico. The Baja area will activate a fault line into California as seen last night, they hit from top to bottom as Canada received a 7.7 mag.

Once they ignite a few regions, it is anticipated that they have already set the kindling throughout other regions so it will go into a domino effect. The only areas that seem to be out of their target range for operation 2012 is China and Russia, but it is anticipated that those areas will receive bio weapons and the Chinese cities built inland will be put to use after the perps emerge from their DUMBS.

[link to www.intellicast.com]
This is the strongest craziest signature I've seen in several years..something big is up
 Quoting: rfilos

Thread: 7.7 QUAKE Canada

Remember everything is energy. The entities infesting the walk-in looking humans at the top, especially the Masonic blue haired Christians are the same entities in the orbs seen everywhere, but they too have a command structure with many of the entities being subordinate to things much larger than them. Many of the subordinate entities belonging to Legion are not privy to the ultimate plan, as they themselves are workers -- this being their job as engineers: [link to barbedpentacle.com] . Chew on that for a while.

Lady Bird Johnson's funeral is just one example of Legion paying homage to their House, whichever one it is, as there are two Houses. Saturn (Yahweh/ Mantis is its arm.) and Lucifer (Sophia/ Reptilians her arm, or persuasion.). Lucifer's House has been building the police state in order to agitate the other House. The anti-christos will soon be unleashed, as he belongs to Saturn. Judgment comes with him. 2012 is just making things more suitable for the Christos to enter, and no, the Masons and Illuminati will not survive this, they were used like hookers, easy hookers. The zombie virus will consume much of the world and in the future world of the Christos, salvation will come as a pharmacological relief from the zombie virus, that will be the new control. This is what the Mayans called the Great Harvest.
[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21629002

Water does make the microwave weapons more powerful, that is why dry paper is unaffected by your microwave. That is why jumpers on 9/11 were getting out of their clothes as the sprinkler system covered them in water and the energy directed weapons were frying them, and making them want to jump. Same as the naked zombies lately, as they piggyback other frequencies and signals on the FLF waves and microwaves (GWEN). Shit's real peeps, hope you can control your urges and self talk because it's about to be on. The marketing and promotions of 2012 alone, beginning after 2001 says it all. This Hollywood production will be in more than just 3D.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26463678

Thread: Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion
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