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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
TWZ trends continue. Regardless of the precipitating factors that are creating the 2012 event, it will happen nevertheless as obedience is first and foremost bred within greed and assumed power. 2012 will be just the beginning of global change, a change that will ride into the next several years -- if the future rulers still call it years. It all makes for great theater and story on the Matrix surface level, doesn't it. Each scene flows linearly into the next for believability. So many "Branded" sheep as this cycle yielded a great return for Archon Capitol and its many subsidiaries. [link to www.archongroup.com]

Trends into the spiraling funnel of change:

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Did any of you ever try to stop this mess? Your obedience was your fear and like minded greed and lust. What about in the 1980's as Tom Brokaw, Oprah, and Geraldo televised to the world that Michael Aquino, Bush, and others raped your children for Adrenochrome? Doesn't that make all of you "Branded" sheep accessories to their crimes and complicit to the desires of "your" so called leaders? And everyday you chose to listen to a Michael Aquino "Mind Wars" bot, a SRA/ Monarch clown demon spit venom from one of its compartmentalized personalities. And like the Mr. Roger's sounding George Snoooory, it was all for your entertainment.

Welcome to the spiraling sink.
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