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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Sophisticated technologies of entrapment and
enslavement, which were developed over millions of
years in the "Old Empire", have been applied to the ISBEs
on Earth with the intention to create a false facade
for the prison. These facades were installed on Earth
in totality, all at once. Every piece is a fully
integrated part of the prison system.
This includes a religion of mumbo-jumbo double-speak.
Every pyramid civilization uses this as part of a
control mechanism to keep the population enslaved by
force, by fear and by ignorance. The indecipherable
muddle of irrelevant information, geometric designs,
mathematical calculation, astronomical alignments, are part of a false spirituality based on solid objects,
rather than immortal spirits, in order to confuse and
disorient the IS-BEs on Earth.
When the body of a person died they were buried with
their Earthly possessions, including their former body
wrapped in linen, to sustain their "soul" or "Ka" after
death. An IS-BE does not "have" as soul. An IS-BE is a
On the home planet of an IS-BE their material
possessions were not lost, stolen or forgotten when the
being died or left the body. An IS-BE could return and
claim the possessions. However, if the IS-BE has
amnesia, they will not remember that they had any
possession. So, governments, insurance companies,
bankers, family members and other vultures can pick
their possessions clean without fear of retribution from
the deceased. 137 (Footnote)
The only reason for these false meanings is to instill
the idea that an IS-BE is NOT a spirit, but a physical
object! This is a lie. It is a trap for an IS-BE.
Countless people have spent endless hours attempting to
solve the jig-saw puzzle of Egypt and other "Old Empire"
civilizations. They are puzzles made of pieces that do
not fit. A question states its own answer. What is the
mystery of Egypt and other pyramid cultures? Mystery!
circa 15,000 BCE --
The "Old Empire" forces supervised the construction of a
hydraulic mining operations in the Andes Mountains in
present day Bolivia near Lake Titicaca (Lake of Tin
Stones) at Tiahuanaco 138 (Footnote) including construction of
the massive stone complex of carved stone buildings
known as Kalasasaya and its "Gate of the Sun" at an
elevation of nearly 14,000 feet.
11,600 BCE --
The Polar Axis of Earth shifted 139 (Footnote) to a sea area.
The last Ice Age came to an end abruptly as the polar
ice caps melted and the level of the ocean rose to
submerge large sections of the land masses of Earth.
The last remaining vestiges of Atlantis and Lemuria were
occurred in the Americas, Australia and the Artic
Regions due to the shift of the poles.
10,450 BCE --
Plans were made by the "Old Empire" IS-BE called Thoth
for construction of a Great Pyramid of Giza. The 4 "air
shafts" of the pyramid point precisely to key stars in
the "Old Empire" as seen from Giza in this year. The
alignment of the Pyramids of Giza on the ground matches
perfectly the alignment of the constellation of Orion as
seen in the sky from Giza relative to the Nile as the
earthly representation of the Milky Way in the sky. 140
10,400 BCE --
According to the Earth historian, Herodotus, records
from the ruined civilization of Atlantis, containing
electronic technology and other technology of that
society, were buried in a vault beneath the paws of The
Sphinx. The Greek historian wrote that he was told this
by some of his friends who were Priests of Anu, the
Sumerian god, at the Egyptian city of Heliopolis.
However, it is highly unlikely that any traces of an
electronic civilization would be allowed to be left
intact on Earth by the "old empire" prison system
administrators. 141 (Footnote).
8,212 BCE --
The Veda or Vedic hymns are a set of religious hymns
that were introduced into the societies of Earth. They
came forward in spoken tradition, memorized, from
generation to generation. "The Hymn to the Dawn Child''
includes an idea called the "cycle of the physical
universe": the creation, growth, conservation, decay and
death or destruction of energy and matter in a space.
These cycles produce time. The same set of hymns
describes the "theory of evolution". Here is a
tremendous body of knowledge which contains a great deal
of spiritual truth. Unfortunately, it has been
incorrectly evaluated by humans and altered with lies
and reversals of fact by priests which are a booby trap
to prevent anyone from using the wisdom to discover a...
[link to www.thenewearth.org]

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