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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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When ELF, frequency, and microwave tech is coupled with synthetic organisms and viruses that are designed to alter the DNA of host organism, the premise behind Resident Evil becomes realized, as well the fundamental beliefs behind post/ transhumanism. Just watch the video again of the land based radar shaping weather and understand how Synthia will receive her commands and change people with lets say, poor impulse control -- into the monsters that hide underneath, in their addictions and thoughts. You can call it a zombie virus, or a pandemic of possession. After all, it is walk-ins helping to make this happen on the ground level of the Matrix.
[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]

1950's research...that was disclosed that is. Vaccines deliver nano tech that is much smaller than those old transmitters.

Can anyone help verify this article from 2011? If true, it would seem that the problem is much worse than televised. If true, it would also seem a massive blackout is occurring. Are these fireballs some type of volcanic like explosions? What the hell are these freaks doing? And those videos posted here, showing how weather modification works, are beyond alarming. Anyone having worked in the mental health field, especially with the newly used: bio feedback therapy, know that frequencies instantly change mood and thoughts. And that big pharma, GMO's, and GWEN have all but turned people into zombies. The bio and chemical couplers have widely been dispersed via free vaccines, chemtrails, and foods. The research was actually being done as far as I can tell, as far back as the 1950's and shown to work by the likes of Ewen Cameron and Jose Delgado. Conditionally done by Freud, Jung, Adler, and Edward Bernays -- with advertising and symbols in the collective unconscious -- to make people obey and buy things.

Sinkholes forming in the New Madrid Fault Zone water liquefaction taking place and now Flooding

The ground in this area known as the New Madrid Fault Zone has had hundred of earthquakes this year. Now residents are being evacuated from the area, Huge sink holes are forming, Liquefaction is starting to happen just like it did in Japan after the large earthquake on March 11th.

[link to climate-change.unexplainedinfo.com]
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