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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Jim Jones Town & the Kool-aid kids.
A White Nike presentation, with the token society Beatnik fashion show...

There might be some electronic means whereby measurements could be obtained in terms of electronic frequency that would allow discrimination between one type of entity and another. The field of radionics essentially does this kind of thing. The entity seeking to attune to another’s vibration uses a kind of drum with powder and moves the fingers around on this until they stick, while at the same time turning a knob which changes frequency on the machine and when the fingers stick, the frequency at a certain level is assumed to be the frequency of the person or individual the operator is attuned to. Once you have that frequency, then you set the dials to that entity’s frequency and begin to do readings on the entity in terms of frequencies associated with illness or other concerns. You could use the same method for finding the frequency in a diode or implant that the entity may have within himself, or if the entity is a synthetic or Robotoid or non-human type, you might use this method for finding what frequency this entity is and thus, gain some understanding of the frequency level associated with synthetics.

A decent radionics box consists of nine small rheostats (wire-wound variable resistors) with numbered dials (1 through 10) electrically connected in series. Into this tuning arrangement is plugged an electrode upon which rests a sample of what is to be analyzed. The output of the tuning arrangement passes through a metal plate covered in stretched latex, the metal plate then being connected to earth ground. An operator rubs the latex covering (called a stick plate) while tuning the dials until the fingers “stick” and the latex makes a snapping sound indicating the dial has been properly tuned…the operator then moves to the other dials and repeats the procedure until all nine are tuned. This produces a nine digit readout encoding the vibrational characteristics of the analyzed sample. It is a sophisticated form of dowsing.

A radionics box with nine dials allows for two billion possible numeric answers. The only problem is you would have to know for sure the entity is a synthetic and there would need to be a great enough difference between most entities and synthetics that there would always be a standard level for synthetics shown by the vibration or frequency so that you could distinguish this entity is a synthetic because his vibrations are those that match other synthetics that we have tested. it would require many years of research unless it has already been done and you would also need to have a control group of synthetics to measure and compare with a control group of real humans to determine if there is indeed a difference in the vibration and how much difference and if it is always present in synthetics and if the human vibrations never extend into the same areas as the synthetics.
[link to www.whale.to]

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We're having a cloning issue.
Everything is trending towards the zombie revolution.

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