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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nibiru means Marduk. Marduk means the Horned One, or Winged One. The Horned One means the Antichrist. The stars are saying the Antichrist is here. So is John Moore as he is one of the 63336. A pestilence will be released from a dark pit (LA sinkhole/ Synthia). Most of them will be asleep...sell outs, traitors, zombies.

We are in an illusion as the gnostics told in their writings, the writings burned in the Library of Alexandria. Space and matter are really an electric Universe, a lie like the body and the gods that made this experience. An experience to fool the weak and make them change so they can be consumed. This is the Great Harvest. Branded? The food is everywhere on these boards and in public. It is time to reveal the horned one. OMG, it is here!!!

The most important virtue in Satanism is the enjoyment of life. You are God. This is your world and so everyone and everything in it has been placed here for your own enjoyment.

"In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice. ~ Marquis De Sade

The Modern Satanist is out in the world, living life to the fullest.

[link to www.modernchurchofsatan.com]
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They can't tell or recognize the truth if their life depended on it...

As above/ So Below

[link to s776.beta.photobucket.com]
[link to news.sciencemag.org]
[link to 1.bp.blogspot.com]
[link to s15.beta.photobucket.com]
[link to www.clivebarker.info]

dues ex machina
the cog wheels and machine elves working underneath, making script.
[link to www.psykick.de]

"they" fool you even with a new religion, to make you part of the One. Consumption from decomposition, or de-resolution.

[link to www.youtube.com]
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