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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Plato: No! It is you who are wrong! Do you even know what today is?

Me: It’s November 6, 2012, Election Day in my country.

Plato: By the numbers it is 11:6, a day for the occult invocation of the uncompleted Tower of Babel. The old order was torn down on 9/11/01, the Tower was completed anew on 1/4/10 ( [link to en.wikipedia.org] ) and the New Order starts today, 23 days after my master fell to Earth a second time.

Numbers. The occult loves numbers like 2,717, the secret height of the Burj Khalifa, which I had derived directly from the proportions of the Georgia Guidestones. 2,717, the first Greek number skipped in Strong’s Numbers for the New Testament, a number that some say foreshadows the Antichrist, a number that corresponds to “make waste” or “to be made desolate” in the Hebrew Strong’s Concordance.

However, to the old man’s last assertion, try as I might, I cannot contain my laughter.

Me: Are you saying that Felix Baumgartner is Satan?

Plato: Fool! Ceremonies on the mortal plane open portals within the spiritual realm. You claim to be an expert on the Georgia Guidestones, [link to www.youtube.com] so how many days will it be since that monument was completed until December 21, 2012, the Mayan Day of Destruction?

I’m startled that he seems to know who I am.

Me: It would take me a few minutes to figure that out with no computer. My phone has no signal…

Plato: You should already know the answer. It’s 11,962 days. Does that number look familiar to you?

Me: No. Let me think; I have an app on my phone that might help. It’s an unusual number since it has only two prime factors: 2 and 5,981. Why should I know more about it?

Plato: Your country uses many codes, this is one of them.

Me: Codes? Yes, it does look like a Zip Code, but I have no idea what community it corresponds to.

Plato: It is the code for Sagaponack, New York.

Me: Really? I recall Sagaponack was listed as the most expensive small town in the country. I think Jimmy Fallon lives there.

Plato: Who?

Me: Jimmy Fallon. He is a comedian who appears in credit card commercials trying to convince a baby to take money. The baby keeps throwing the money back in his face.

Plato laughs uncontrollably for several seconds before recovering himself.

Plato: And you still do not understand? You are being mocked, ridiculed!

Me: I guess I do not understand. Please explain.

Plato: Sagaponack is the home of Lloyd Blankfein…

I turn white and my stomach tightens.

Me: You mean the CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs?

Plato: Yes. Is December 21, 2012, a financial doomsday that will bring down the world’s nations, or does it have some other significance? You need to answer that question. What I will tell you is that The Georgia Guidestones, 9/11, the Burj Khalifa, Ted Turner, Goldman Sachs, the Mahdi, today’s elections, earthquakes, storms, riots and the war to come are all part of the same ceremony that balance on the fulcrum that is the date December 21, 2012. And it is all made possible through an illusion. Your money holds no value, but its illusion of value has been maintained by your world’s insatiable love for base, material things. The moneychangers are the rulers of your world and now they plan to bring it all down through a final series of Grand Illusions. They will wipe the Earth clean, disposing of billions of human lives, and, using the benefits of technology, erect a New World Order for their master, Lucifer.
[link to vanshardware.com]


The walk-in's, and what is left of their spirits that are intertwined with Legion, which inhabits their avatars, seek to persist in the Illusion, or Matrix as the idea of the death sequence is horrifying to them, and that fear is used to possess them further. Despite publishing scientific journals showing that we reside in a simulated or holographic universe, the subordinates, or wealthy looking avatars are really governed by Legion and not the original spirits. So essentially you have Legion building a universe for themselves, and are able to pass materially through different regions of a multiverse with old portals and new ones such as CERN. In other word, they are building more and more rooms for Alice to enter through the Looking Glass. Kind of like the psychotic wealthy widow building rooms onto the Winchester House, as everything is mental projections of the whole, or the One: Saturn. [link to www.youtube.com]

The surviving spirits are coming to realize that the idea of death is the first traumatic experience, or lie that the authorities impose onto us when entering the life experience. But life is a script full of pressures to feel by and decode, a story that segues into death and rebirth due to programmed beliefs and spectacles. There are not many original aeon spirits left and without their energy the negative is set to implode. As mentioned, the galaxy's black hole seems to be a port out of the unified field and back into where we really reside, or where we are being held in stasis -- casting out these dreams. But entering the hole may loop you into another dream, or facet of the Matrix multiverse. There are doors being built everywhere, but there is only one out of here.

The grid is energy based, perceptual and in depth for believability. Believing in the Matrix story lines will eventually decompose your soul matrix into the grid, out of sheer belief of course.

But the Branes of the field will converge the fools unto themselves, which will complete the Harvest and their own destruction. They are feverishly building out of possession, the destruction of this cycle on the surface Matrix as it must be congruent with perceived choices and story. This place will be cleansed with fire, perhaps a global methane explosion. Saturn is the origins to judgment, and the reason they reveal everything to you, such as pedophilia -- is due to the law of being complicit in your leader's crimes, or principals, accomplices, accessories. Saturn is where all laws originate, all numbers and weights. The fact you knew of their crimes and neglected them for Starbucks is your conviction for the upcoming Harvest. For those monitoring these boards, you've been Branded -- Marked. You are already a third of a ways down the snake's throat. This game is tricky and you lost.
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