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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Everyone Is Asking About The Russian Sub Spotted In The Gulf Of Mexico

Read more: [link to www.businessinsider.com]

An unusual story has been circulating since last week of an Akula class Russian submarine lurking in the Gulf of Mexico for weeks, evidently undetected by the U.S.

The story is odd not only because such a mission would be unusual and alarming, but also because of the source in this case, veteran national security reporter and former Washington Times columnist Bill Gertz via the conservative news website The Washington Free Beacon, launched in 2012.

Read more: [link to www.businessinsider.com]

That was in Aug 2012.

Now recently we have a Russian sub off of the Georgia coast where US subs that it is designed to sink are kept.
Thread: Navy detects Russian sub off U.S. East Coast

Then the Russian sub was given safe haven during Hurricane Sandy.
Thread: how kind....Russian nuclear sub given shelter near Florida during Sandy

A time when all of the weather modification was going on, and where those strange circles flared up on the Georgia coast as Sandy passed.

The Russians specialize in psychotronic warfare and took most of the Nazi research into the esoteric realm that Colonel Michael Aquino, the ex NSA chief -- used to start Mind Wars and the alternative media from Austin TX, where his Temple of Set is located. Univ. of Texas is one of the main research centers for global change and occult research, especially bio engineering. Dr. Greene (Mengele/ 1980's Mkultra trials) had worked from there as well Kansas universities, as well Clemson. Meaning, the so called zombie/ mind control operation is already underway and they have achieved global submission, so they are about to take it into the final stage. Turn people into vessels that can be easily possessed and will begin feeding on one another as their leaders do.

They could take the world into a Global order without educating and agitating people with NWO this, Illuminati that for over a decade. They could easily cull off millions with pandemics. No, this is about possession and trauma based programming, the same they do with children int their SRA families and children's books. You are sedated and shown in clown like ways the monsters and gradually accept them in, while drunk on reality TV, big pharma, GMO's, vaccines, cell phone frequencies, applauding Lady GaGa, Jay z, and Madonna when performing mass rituals. This is why they tell you about all of the pedophiles. This make everyone accessories to their crimes. When your life flashes before your eyes in death, you will be judged with all of this -- don't worry, they will probably have you enraged before, looking to eat someone.

After all people like Solvay, CEO of Solvay Pharmaceuticals, that makes Prozac, resides in the infamous Belgium Castle, the Mother of Darkness Castle. The Thousand Points of Light as Daddy Bush said.
[link to www.youtube.com]

This is why they are telling you everything now. The Mayans called it the Great Harvest.
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