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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Please refer to prior pages for further information. Thank you.

Dr. Judy Woods?
Energy Weapons in Indiana??
--to blow off an emerging methane bubble? Center of explosion was not in house per say, but around and above as only thing remaining were walls at bottom. Strange noises before and glows, just like 9/11.

my responses in blue

It seems like some facts have been buried.

From what I've read:

EMS was activated five minutes prior to the explosion. (i have not heard this)

People heard strange whining noises in the sky and saw falling debris.(i have heard reports of this, did not hear/see for myself, but we DO have a lot of planes flying over constantly so it may not have stood out)

People 40 miles away felt/heard the explosion. yes, i think even that night there was report from 70 mi away

Reports of people at the site are mixed, with some people (the chaplain) having mixed stories; appearing randomly after having never shown up. (from radio transcripts). i remember the missing chaplain, felt bad for the family of the deceased that was waiting at the school for him

DHS people talking about strange debris piles. yeah, they started getting weird on the scanner and started being non-specific i.e. "i'm on ... the street you said" etc and then it seems they mostly switched channels

People put on buses and sent away. they rounded up the rest of the neighborhood in INDY GO (the local pub trans) buses almost immed and took them to the elementary school - seemed liked they thought the rest of the neighborhood might go

Firefighter/ex-marine shot at point blank. (Unrelated?)this happened 2-3 hrs prior to the explosion, pretty sure it's unrelated

Several people also mentioned lack of gas lines in the area. this was debunked within 2 or 3 posts by the orig poster that posted it yet keeps coming up, orig info concerning no gas lines was from an old realty site - it is a gas heat/cooking neighborhood after all

The story about the house for sale/cat/insurance fraud seems like a really convenient coverup. It will be easy to conduct a fake investigation and make it seem like the real deal. The size of the explosion doesn't coincide with the shockwave/distance. i think the ground zero homeowners doing something shady is starting to seem the most likely explanation actually

The drone story sounds like it could be disinformation too. Is there a crater or anything to indicate a drone crash/missile impact? Comparison to other drone strikes? this actually still has some feasibility, dont know about impact and all of that however

Anything else I'm missing? there is some chatter about an amtrak station and fema...

a lot of unconscious people and difficulty breathing type calls over the scanner following the incident

and of course, the weird bat picture! [link to widgets.wishtv.com]
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