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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Interesting post above about the antichrist. Salvador Dali constructed a painting at the train station at Perpignan, France in 1963. The painting has a subtle crack that is a clue to where this figure resides, or entered materially into this realm. The train painting is called Center of the Universe. The crack represents a river in the Pyrenees Mountains. Researchers fear entering the area due to dark cults that ward off anyone venturing into the forests. Wealthy occultists and new age witch types are flocking to a area nearby in Southern France right now for the 2012 event. The above post interestingly enough linked to the French and Spanish riots going on right now. The infamous Belgium, Mother of Darkness castle is in Northern France, where Solvay, the CEO of the pharmaceutical company that makes Prozac resides, and inspiration to Bush Senior's Thousand Points of Light and the Marc Dutroux affair. But this stuff in Southern France and Spain's Pyrenees Mtns. is much larger in scope, and certainly more secretive. Most of the information pertaining to this subject and figure has been scrubbed since 2006.
[link to en.sunfrance.com]
[link to www.philipcoppens.com]
[link to arthistory.about.com]
Here is some cult types boasting about Dali in rhetorical fashion.
[link to zosotruthtalk.wordpress.com]
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