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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ODESSA Files: The Muslim Brotherhood
[link to greyfalcon.us]
[link to www.canadafreepress.com]

The Muslim Brotherhood was originally created by the Nazis during WWII, with German General Rommel (the Desert Fox) [link to en.wikipedia.org] facing off with US General Patton during WWII, in the North Africa Campaign. The American General was tasked in stopping the desert fox from gaining control over the Saudi oil fields. It was deemed early on in the war that this vital resource, due to fueling the war machine, would win the war, so basically whoever financed the oil governed the war. The German SS were instrumental in creating the Muslim Brotherhood based on secret pacts. But the philosophies were not unique to just Germany. This is seen with American boy scouts wearing Swastikas before the onset of WWII. [link to rexcurry.net] Germany was many things, both esoteric and fundamental to world development. Technology and science were jetted forward due to having no constraints against research, and then transferred to America for optimization and longevity. [link to www.cracked.com] Odessa spirited many Nazi officers to American Universities and agencies like NASA and the CIA. Seeing many Nazis like Joseph Mengele [link to www.whale.to] becoming Dr. Green in the US, creating the CIA's Mkultra program, and eventually grooming Michael Aquino and the entire Alternative media with the Mind Wars Project. Wernher von Braun type of characters moved into JPL and NASA, as well University boards. [link to en.wikipedia.org] t's how Daddy Bush could really be a man named George H. Scherff, Jr. Thread: Was George Bush SR. really George H. Scherff, Jr. , son of George Scherff sr. who was Nicola Tesla's trusted assistant?

It's funny how the Bush family has historical ties to the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood, going back to the Standard Oil days and well beyond. [link to www.oilempire.us] Are there really two parties to choose from, was there ever really a choice in the matter? Were the votes counted before the election was called? Scripted maybe? It's bothersome to find out that Allen Welsh Dulles, who was fired by Kennedy as the CIA Director --- becoming after the President's death --- head of Kennedy's investigation. [link to en.wikipedia.org] Dulles had strong ties in the CIA mind control experiments as well ties to Sidney Gottlieb and the infamous Dr. Green. [link to en.wikipedia.org] Bush Standard Oil, believe it or not, had an effect on the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 and even here recently. Same as the connections that Obama has with Goldman Sachs, and Goldman Sachs' connections to Craig Venter's labs, and Synthia and Gwen towers even. Well heck, connected to the creation of the DHS for that matter. Facebook, social networks. ---Google.
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