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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Listen to this dude's vernacular and accent; his southern draw. If he knows this much than suffice to say the information is now common knowledge. So maybe the fringe stigma, or catch phrase: conspiracy theorist, is being spread by fake youtube counts and perhaps even the view counts on boards, as well TV programming. Maybe the numbers at large are being drastically reduced and kept improportional to actual numbers being affected by the information at large.

These walk in's regularly release their plans in broken ways in order to boast of their endeavors like any other criminal. Like the staged interview about a mysterious Anglo Saxon Plan. This is just an arranged show to brag about insider information, sandwiched by 2 clowns that are subconsciously unbelievable to programmed, obedient types, by using catch phrases and words -- hypnosis, or the power of suggestion with a backdrop of flicker rates. Disinformation channels often use surface information about conspiracies as well the psychosocial zeitgeist to gain trust, much like the Pied piper. These mind control, and assessment washes often imprint listeners with confusion and disgust, by dangling hope and the white horse savior, without offering any way to solve the deeper problems that create the visible, and felt symptoms.

But the lies are funneling down into unavoidable disaster.
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