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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The EQ's and sinkholes are frequency, cymatic type of instruments. CERN being a culprit for sure. Sound frequencies make the sand and earth arrange in specific patterns, like snow flakes, leaving void the spaces between the patterns. --- Porous and with sinkholes.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13522502

This is how they control people on a large, cybernetic scale, by causing mental and physical disease using measures like the old GWEN system, to alter people's cellular makeup and alter their DNA to cause different mental disorders, all just by turning the knob on the frequency weapon to a different tune, causing regional sadness, depending on the skyscraper (they like using new skyscrapers as signal hubs) or antenna service area -- suicidal ideation, hopelessness, anger, confusion, depression, stress, and agitation. This is how they will cause mass civil unrest. Research Carlos Delgado, Ewen Cameron, [link to www.youtube.com] Dr. Green, [link to www.whale.to] and Allen Dules [link to www.enter.net] and their connections to Project MkUltra, Blue Bird, Michael Aquino's "Mind Wars," [link to www.youtube.com] West Memphis 3, Adrenochrome, and Operation Finders. These are the profits behind big pharma, making them the most powerful corporations in the world now, creating subservient automatons. GMO's, govt's, banks, and the medical industry now answer to them. Cloning technology resides within big pharma's pervue as well. The new systems of control originate here. They are the new world order. And the aliens did do it, as they possess the husks you call movie star, or politician. They have been working like busy little bees right in front of your face, using frequency weapons, as communication is a form of frequency. They are in your thoughts, trying to possess you too. Hear them? Self talk, TV flicker rates and a good song. Listen.
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