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Message Subject The pointless Mk Ultra Trigger Thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For some random lesser known ones, because the internet and the research available is well, already available..

Seeing letters, shapes and patterns where others may not.

Missing time, but if you really think about it, you can remember parts of the trip there and back.

Having mantras that seem to go against what you as a person are otherwise..just certain thoughts that stick with you that you've always done or believed so much that it seems natural, even though you logically do not always have reason to and they've even interfered with your wants and needs from time to time.

Trips where you got to look into an eye machine where different images were playing on both sides...so a different story for each eye.

The ability to think on multiple levels simultaneously.

Neck pain at the base of the skull.

Stories of how you are more special in social ranking somehow, usually starting in childhood..royalty, status, etc...even though this may or may not reflect your actual situation.

Memories of extra classes, camps, etc...more than seem to have fit into the schedule.

Missing years or chunks of school as a child. You may not even know you missed chunks, in that case you would have gone into school or your social situation and wondered why everyone felt so distant one day and probably thought it was just you.

Funding that has come out of nowhere, or has come from sources that seemed to spit out a little bit more extra cash than they are intended to.

Any memories connected to Phoenix, even if it's just the drive there.

Having had a guide that personally taught you how to astral project.

Trouble sleeping, waking up tired, a feeling that the laundry basket fills up too quick, a tendency towards masochism, eye trouble, mental sounds (sort of like when a song gets stuck in your head) that seem to start slightly above the left ear and inward, bizarre scars that show up as mottled skin tone.
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