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Message Subject The pointless Mk Ultra Trigger Thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My only issue with bringing back memories at this point is that when the journey starts I'm the age I'm supposed to be, but by the time the drug/suggestion/whatever hits I think I'm either 5 or 8 because that's the result of the suggestion..it regresses me to a point where I'm obedient and vulnerable. So I have to literally go back in my memory to the exact location I was that I last remember in the journey and then find that matching location in my "early childhood" memories, i.e. when I thought I was a child. Some are easy, but the Phoenix one started with a change off in a place that looked like an empty pull off/parking lot...not always easy to pinpoint a place that's so damn vague.
I think I got to ride in the trunk though which was exciting to a kid...lord.
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