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Message Subject UFOs = TIME TRAVELERS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is one of the main theories, it gets rid of that interstellar space-travel stuff. Also explains why no contact, not until the first time-machine is invented, at which point it's a time-travel go
 Quoting: The Lion

So your saying that we can see the travelers but cant interact with them until we actually have the technology?
 Quoting: Nostril Domus

thats right. as i understand it. one of the theories goes as such. All events that have happened, have always happened, things can't be changed. if you try and change them, they end up the way they always were, your actions of attempted alteration were always written in the script, it just fails. until the time that it happens, maybe thats decmber 21st, first time traveller emerges from now

and IF you do change something, it creates a whole nother dimension, another timeline. which we here in this palce, would never experince. So Schrodingers cat kinda a thing, we wouldnt know if it did happen.
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