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Message Subject UFOs = TIME TRAVELERS
Poster Handle balthuuu
Post Content
Whatever happened, happened.

Let's say this is our first perspective/experience of the present and the future REALLY hasn't happened. Somewhere along the way someone does invent time travel. Then they use it to go back in time(not from our perspective). Now we create new realities by going back and the loop goes on forever. But it still isn't from our perspective. Now let's bring the concept of reincarnation to the table. Let's say we get born in to the past which is now the new perspective of the present we had last time.(obviously). And BAM we see flying saucers from the future in our lifetimes. So the fact the we are viewing UFO's from future(or past) has happened only once, but it has an endless ripple effect just not from our perspective of our current experience. Meaning we can born endlessly into the past and experience the same ripple effects.. But the memory loss before incarnation keeps the illusion on that we are always experiencing it once. Alright now I got just mindfucked by myself..

You got to wonder.. Since time isn't linear.. Is everything that happens, meant to happen eventually. That erases the whole concept of chance. Everything would be written to stone so to speak.

Alright I'm not even sure if anything that i just wrote made sense. Just woke up. coffee4
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