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Message Subject UFOs = TIME TRAVELERS
Poster Handle balthuuu
Post Content
its written in stone but it was ALSO decided in that moment
 Quoting: The Lion

That is very hard for me to grasp. So basically the choise is made, BUT it can be viewed at the same time?
 Quoting: balthuuu

I guess that depends, because if you saw the future, and changed your actions based on that, the timeline you are suggesting exists, you are no longer in, the other you still is though, and knows nothing of future events. you see its complicated, if you do change the future, its not really the future anymore, its a different timeline.
 Quoting: The Lion

I know, i just left out the fact the you could actually change it. The "whatever happened, happened" theory suggests that even if you think you're changing the future by going to the past, it would just mean that people in the past could ALWAYS see you popping in, no matter what. That even if the choise does exists, making it doesn't change anything.
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