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Message Subject UFOs = TIME TRAVELERS
Poster Handle CannonousCrash
Post Content
You can not 'bend' the space in order to travel because the universe is 3 dimensional.

You can fold a peice of paper because essentially it is so thin that its 2 dimensional.

The equivalent of bending space, is the same as folding a brick in half.

One thing the LHC has proved is that the faster you go, the slower you pecieve time. The LHC proved this recently in looking for the higgs boson, althought it happens very quickly, time for the particles that are being obliterated is slower for them than it is for the outsiders looking in which is how the devices at the LHC manage to view and record the collisions of the particles.

Time travel is already theoretically possible with the spacetime continuim.

Alpha Centuri is aproximately 4 light years away, (distance travelling at the speed of light)

If a person was to go to alpha centuri and back travelling at the speed of light, it would take him/her roughly 8 years to complete the trip, however on earth, it would of taken much longer due to the spacetime continium.
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