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Message Subject UFOs = TIME TRAVELERS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What i dont get about travelers from our future theory, is this is our now, the future has not happened yet. Kind of hard to explain, but if someone from 10000 years from now visits our present, that would mean there are thousands upon thousands of current realities for every day of our lives past present and future.

My mind hurts just thinking about it. Maybe someone else could explain what i am attempting to.
 Quoting: Nostril Domus

When you consider space then the universe contains infinite vantage points, a mountain range on a planet in a distant system has its sun rising over it right now. You cannot see it without travelling in space to see it. Yet the vantage point does exist. If you had the technology to instantly teleport to that mountain range then you could see it.

If time travel exists then it would be like a teleporter, but for time instead of space.

We perceive time as just memories we collect from our spatial vantage point in our time.

Teleporter can change spatial vantage point

Timemachine can change time vantage point
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