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Message Subject UFOs = TIME TRAVELERS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm not saying it's impossible but there is one thing in my mind that would make it very difficult to get to any particular point.

Let's say you wanted to travel to the same place on Earth that YOU ARE right now, two hundred years ago?

Now think in three dimensions.

Where was that place two hundred years ago?

All the objects in the Universe are in constant motion.

First of all you would have to determine exactly where that exact location in space was.

Then the method would have to have a mechanism to actually travel to that location (it would be billions, possibly trillions of miles away).

And it would have to be with a great deal of accuracy to not end up inside the Earth, or another planet, or the Sun or open space.

See what I'm getting at?

 Quoting: G. House

It depends how the time machine works and on what substrate it "travels" on.

If the technology uses entanglement then you would need to use a reference object that you knew would exist in the future or that exists in your present and you knew it was there in the past. Then when you remanifest in space you will be at the same reference objects position.
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