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Message Subject UFOs = TIME TRAVELERS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You can't travel "through" time.

Neither can you travel "through" space.

You may travel travel through A space, to a location.

And you may travel through 'stuff/aether/a medium' to get to a location and time.

Time is a location.

Well... what is a location? A location is an intersection of REFERENCE points.

So... someone is like, "Meet me at this longitude and this latitude and this altitude."

You know exactly where to meet them.

But... not really.

You need another reference point.

So now... "Meet me at this longitude and this latitude and this altitude with the sun and the stars aligned in such a manner."

Now you have a fourth REFERENCE. People call this a "dimension." And when we use stars and such we call it a "Time."

So can you travel THROUGH a reference point to get to a reference point? No. You travel through air, or water, or whatever, to get to a TIME.

Understanding this concept is the first step in knowing how to actually get to a location, that might match one from your memory.
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