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Message Subject UFOs = TIME TRAVELERS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What i dont get about travelers from our future theory, is this is our now, the future has not happened yet. Kind of hard to explain, but if someone from 10000 years from now visits our present, that would mean there are thousands upon thousands of current realities for every day of our lives past present and future.

My mind hurts just thinking about it. Maybe someone else could explain what i am attempting to.
 Quoting: Nostril Domus

Correct. In fact, any 'visitation' or apparition is the collective agreement of all possible realities unanimously for a (or many) individuals to come observe. They cannot drink, eat, touch things as little as possible, taking care not to disturb even a trail of ants from going along.

Kind of like downloading a map to a game you like to play. You place the map in the save folder, and bim! you can play. its the same principle. You need the right version, possibly a code to a specific time and style of map.. the only difference is that by changing anything, you risk unraveling the reality that the future self had, hence ceases to be, but then, since they never existed, they never came back, and thus re exist. Good for a mind bend, but apparently, i was visited by me from the future, with the message i needed to hear. i can elaborate if necessary, but basically, wanted to let you know, that indeed its that principle ; )
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