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Message Subject Oympic Athletes Say That 70,000 Condoms Is Not Enough
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just not interested in watching. Olympic sports never interested me

Stinky shoes, stinky pits, stinky mats, ugly clothing and its all hard on the knees.

Just send me up in the snowy mountains by myself with my friends. A pair of skis and poles.

In my prime I had a Cat take me up above timber line and I manuevered in virgin powder snow around the boulders. The feeling of nature and God minus the greed of and stink of other people was incomparable.

that is true sports,

Not this commercialized snooze fest, Its all about money and marketing, Not about exhilaration or feeling closer to God.

your not cool
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4661705

I like the smell of nature and the smell of my own sweat, not the sweat of other a hundred other guys.

Never liked gym class, nor sharing equipment with others, maybe I have OCD. I do wash my hands several times a day till theyre chapped. OCDs would not like competitive sports.

I was an avid weightlifter but never enjoyed it till I got my own home gym.
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