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Message Subject Oympic Athletes Say That 70,000 Condoms Is Not Enough
Poster Handle Chione latilirata
Post Content

The bourgeoisie is so bewildered that is has lost all instinct to defend itself; and what will succeed it will be worse. I'm filled with the sadness that afflicted the Roman patricians of the fourth century: I feel irredeemable barbarism rising from the bowels of the earth. I hope to be gone before it carries everything away. But meanwhile it's not very gay. Never have things of the spirit counted for so little. Never has hatred for everything great been so manifest - disdain for Beauty, execration of literature.

I have always tried to live in an ivory tower, but a tide of shit is beating at its walls, threatening to undermine it. It's not a question of politics but of the mental state of France. Have you seen [Jules] Simon's circular, with its plan for the reform of public education? [Simon was at this time the Minister of Public Instruction.] The paragraph about physical training is longer than the one about French literature. There's a significant little symptom!

read the whole thing...it's short

[link to www.rjgeib.com]
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