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Message Subject LAST MINUTE NEW Proofs London Olympics Illuminati False Flag (URGENT)
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all good except the last part started up with the "jesus was a mere human being" crap and allah this and allah that
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1159767

why do you accept a part of the truth and reject the other one???

You're following your own desires!!!

God has created Jesus, so Jesus is His creature and not his son... You should read your bible because I've read many parts of it, and it clearly shows Jesus as a mere human being...Jesus commanded the people to worship God ALONE and not to worship Him.

You're misunderstanding some few metaphoric verses and putting in your back the great majority of verses that show Jesus as a mere human.

The Quran confirms the truth which is contained in the Torah and the Gospel and corrects their corruption...but most of the people prefer to follow their own truth instead of simply taking the truth where it is.

I am sure that you've not even read your bible once entirely in your life, you've never read the Quran, still you reject it... you're only following what the others say without thinking for yourself ...and you'll share the fate of these unfair people if you do not wake up before it's too late for you.

I am just reminding the people than God IS ONE and is the Creator of all of us, I am only asking you to submit to your Creator...whether you submit or not, you'll come back to Him and you'll be judged for your actions, you cannot escape that
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