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Message Subject LAST MINUTE NEW Proofs London Olympics Illuminati False Flag (URGENT)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
anonymous coward
if you are Pagan or anything,
stick with yours
respect the other religion.
go out there and make your own post saying what you want,
then face the other people that likely to criticize you,
you won`t see your own error and what you lack if you keep on searching for other people`s idea and bomb it right through.

information are not limited to only in the internet,
don`t say you are right just because google said so,
don`t say you are right just because your mind said so,
individual who research, read, making comparisons, think, discuss and hearing other people thoughts that will obtain a broader mind and broader perspective.
only then one did try to suggest out something,something that other people would not have any idea with bcoz they do not go through the process in searchingfor knowledge such as him/her.

just because you want to say something in order your opinion would win, you only go through google for specifically 1 thing so that it would be your point in winning the arguments.

I don`t have to go too far
believe me, people that read your replies would right away realize with all those curses, you are a person not worth of arguing

"I could argue with 10 people who have knowledge but I would lose by an ignorant, as some ignorant people never understood the basis of knowledge ".-Imam Syafie
Im sorry, but I guess you are the ignorant one.
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