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Reclaiming Shamanic Dreaming from the Roots of Western Culture

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United Kingdom
07/16/2012 05:41 PM

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Reclaiming Shamanic Dreaming from the Roots of Western Culture
Fly through the heavens, make love with beautiful honey-skinned goddesses, and impress friends by folding a city on top of itself a la Inception.

These are the familiar advertisements for lucid dreaming; we know them well. Sure, these things can be achieved in dreams in which we are self-aware, but they are weak analogues to the shamanic context that our ancestors and cultural forebearers provided for dreams and visions.

Dreaming can be more than a reflection of our fears and desires. Actually, dreaming is a shamanic technology. The skills to dream for healing, guidance, and power -- the classic domains of shamanism -- lay hidden in our own Western culture.


[link to www.realitysandwich.com]

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