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Mutant Mosquitos to be released in the Florida Keys

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User ID: 1499647
United States
07/17/2012 02:00 PM
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Mutant Mosquitos to be released in the Florida Keys
A company called Oxitec wants to release thousands of mutant mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.

In Malaysia where these same mosquitoes have been released as an attempt to stem the flow of dengue fever in the population, evidence has been found where the mosquitoes have mutated and have become immune to pesticides and now are spreading deadly malaria at alarming rates.

Mosquitoes released in Florida, genetically modified to resist pesticides systematically spread malaria to the Sub-saharan population.

[link to www.healthspablog.org]

Two strains of kind mosquito responsible for most of the transmission of malaria in Africa have evolved with them are substantial genetic differences altering in twain dissimilar species, according to researchers who published the new study in the journal Science.

The efforts of international research co-conducted by researchers from Imperial College London, said the twain strains of the mosquito Anopheles Gambia The kind of mosquito primarily responsible for the transmission of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.

The authors also recommend that the mosquitoes are evolving more quickly than formerly contemplated.

[link to www.examiner.com]

Nearly all experiments with genetically-modified crops have eventually resulted in unintended consequences: super weeds more resistant to herbicides, mutated and resistant insects also collateral damage to ecosystems," she warns on Change.org. ."Why would we not expect GM (genetically modified) insects, especially those that bite humans, to have similar unintended negative consequences?"

[link to www.cantonrep.com]

[link to on.aol.com]

[link to findarticles.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 12339688
United States
07/17/2012 02:35 PM
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Re: Mutant Mosquitos to be released in the Florida Keys
What could go wrong? LOL