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Is TPP ("NAFTA on steroids") Obama's Bain Capital?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 17467379
United States
07/17/2012 02:32 PM
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Is TPP ("NAFTA on steroids") Obama's Bain Capital?
Is TPP ("NAFTA on steroids") Obama's Bain Capital?
By Gaius Publius

More about the super-secret (and genuinely scary) Trans-Pacific Partnership ("TPP") trade agreement, courtesy of Public Citizen.

The TPP pact is a world-wide "corporate coup d'état"

A characterization of the super-secret TPP from Lori Wallach, writing in The Nation (my emphasis and paragraphing throughout):
[link to www.americablog.com]


NAFTA on Steroids

The TPP has been cleverly misbranded as a trade agreement (yawn) by its corporate boosters. As a result, since George W. Bush initiated negotiations in 2008, it has cruised along under the radar. The Obama administration initially paused the talks, ostensibly to develop a new approach compatible with candidate Obama’s pledges to replace the old NAFTA-based trade model. But by late 2009, talks restarted just where Bush had left off.

Since then, US negotiators have proposed new rights for Big Pharma and pushed into the text aspects of the Stop Online Piracy Act, which would limit Internet freedom, despite the derailing of SOPA in Congress earlier this year thanks to public activism. In June a text of the TPP investment chapter was leaked, revealing that US negotiators are even pushing to expand NAFTA’s notorious corporate tribunals, which have been used to attack domestic public interest laws.

Think of the TPP as a stealthy delivery mechanism for policies that could not survive public scrutiny. Indeed, only two of the twenty-six chapters of this corporate Trojan horse cover traditional trade matters. The rest embody the most florid dreams of the 1 percent—grandiose new rights and privileges for corporations and permanent constraints on government regulation. They include new investor safeguards to ease job offshoring and assert control over natural resources, and severely limit the regulation of financial services, land use, food safety, natural resources, energy, tobacco, healthcare and more.

[link to www.thenation.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 17467379
United States
07/17/2012 02:47 PM
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Re: Is TPP ("NAFTA on steroids") Obama's Bain Capital?
Open Internet and the TPP Trap:

You're Needed: Stop the Trap

by OpenMedia.ca
Dear pro-Internet community,
We got their attention. We hand-delivered your 90,000+ Stop The Trap petition signatures to TPP negotiators. Now they’ve said they might make their secrets public!1 Let’s not give them any choice—let’s make them.

Our message is clear: We shouldn’t have to worry about expensive fines, looking over our shoulders when online, or losing access to the Internet for simply clicking a link. The future of the Internet doesn’t belong to industry lobbyists and unelected trade representatives.

But lobbyists are definitely not taking this lying down.2 We have to take the next step in this global fight against the Internet trap of restrictions that would criminalize daily uses of the Internet.


[link to pacificfreepress.com]


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