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Is obama REALLY eligable? What the news says! Obama's bloodline.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/18/2012 02:49 PM
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Is obama REALLY eligable? What the news says! Obama's bloodline.
So, that case came out proving his birth certificate was indeed a forgery. If he is lying about who he is, where he came from, and isn't natural born and really doesn't belong here, would the following change it?

At approximately 1:46 in this video there is a CBS (aka Council on Foregin Relations owned and controlled) news clip of the mainstream media news "fact" that Dick Cheney's (who is related to George W. Bush) is the cousin of Barack Obama, who happens to be "Bush's 11th cousin."

Is this a blatant lie being sold to people to make them THINK that he is "elegible" JUST because he is of the bloodline? Is it a ruse or is he, by technicality, elegible to be our president because he is "in the family."

As we know, lineage, blood, family, and family secrets are abound with the Illuminati and New World Order. My only question is the MAIN question, is he truly eligeble knowing this?

We all know he is a piece of shit who has spent more conspiracy cash than all presidents combined and has signed many executive orders taking our rights away as "free" people. Don't root for the OTHER guy either, Ron Paul, he is just a politician telling you what you want to hear.

Don't you find it strange that JUST DAYS AFTER THE BILDERBERG CONFERENCE his little shit son Rand supports globalist NWO lover Illuminati stooge MITTENS ROMNEY?????

It's all a game folks, maybe the question I posed after all DOESN'T EVEN MATTER. We are all in this together and we need to wake more people up, at least to the mainstream news "fact" that the BUSH FAMILY is directly related to the Royal Family/Black Nobility. Geez....Do you know how many ignorant people there are who say "NAH! No that's not true!" "Where'd you hear THAT from?"

From their own brainwashing TV sources! Straight from the asshole corporate media themselves. I do not wish to be racist but it was mainly from blacks that this news was so ill-received.

Remember, blacks, gays, and mexicans are being conned right now to accept that FUCKER as our next president. He has HAD the black vote. That law that was passed that had to do with amnesty and illegal immigrants, he has THEM in the bag, or, at least the ignorant ones. And, the gays? Oh he has MOST DEFINITELY got the ignorant gays in the bag too.

Take care, just wanted to share these thoughts with you GLPers...