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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
morning blue

it seems to work like this
the memory of our past existence can and does never go away for two reasons
1) it is within the memory of our dna, that which we once were
2) it is within the memory of our environments, new to us by discovery, fields

since the era of the memory/events anyone whom was prompted to remember had no information within the society they relived the memory to confirm what they were remembering was real
so without exception the remembering individual was classified as an anomaly of no consequence no matter if it was a beggar or a king whom experienced it
there simply was nothing in either religious or scientific knowing to support the possibility

with the discovery of electricity 150 years ago and the subsequent advances in our sciences pushing to discover the truth in complexity the newly forming knowing of the nature of our universe points more and more to how and why our memories of this catastrophic era are true

as more evidence is made public of the new electrical/magnetic nature of our universe more and more people experience "triggers" of this ingrained memory within us all
because the information we possess today provides physical explanation of why those memories are true more and more people are attracted to this information because it satisfies an intuitive sensation of desiring to know
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