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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i don`t think it was possible to define consciousness before the law changed on environment information

prior to law change all we possessed to define consciousness was incoming sensation
light via eyes
sound via ears
touch via skin
we were forced to accept that everything came into our body from outside because we were allowed to know light and sound traveled through air, in the case of sound and what we were told was a vacuum, in the case of light
therefore everything we called consciousness must materialize inside our body/head
we were even told to doubt there was really anything outside of us and hinted at the whole experience is an allusion
both us and "it" that comes in

now the law has changed we have mediums that are everywhere of electrical/magnetic nature
we are allowed to utilize fields in our description
so for the first time we can consider that we ourselves "reach out" to detect real (not illusion) objects, objects that are really there
consciousness, just like our auras which are now legal to possess, can be shown to exist outside of our bodies
this is why when we look at the back of someone
they mostly notice
our consciousness has effect outside of our bodies
 Quoting: aether

if our ability to feel is our ability to detect a weak magnetic field
which it is
our universe is now legally

Beyond Earth's protective atmosphere and extending all the way through interplanetary space, electrified particles dominate the scene. Indeed, 99% of the universe is made of this electrified gas, known as plasma.
 Quoting: observation

anyone want to guess how far we feel instant/distance?
 Quoting: aether

Temporal sensing...

Considering how many people talk about being able to feel the electromagnetic fields, being able to sense emotions and energies of others, being able to sense sun effects (cme's etc) it still surprised me that people aren't connecting this to an environment change...in a more massive scale.
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