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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hi fringe...good to see you!

Swinger, I know I'm not the brightest, but I got from aethers words and visuals that it always been, just perception of our enviroment and us...the two, all that is us and all that is not. But, I also get there is a reason all don't get it at the same time. Could you imagine the force or energy on our enviroment if it did? Idk, I think its more having to feel it to know...what sparks activates the whole process of becomming to know, I think.I mean like I know you know, and you try to tell your family and they don't understand, but later as things happen and then there is that moment your family member will get that feeling...spark from somethin you will have already told them...like that seed per se...
 Quoting: NA Spirit

Yes, that is true. At this point, as I'm sure aether will agree, is that it must be envisioned first because the developments are so new. There is no information that is bundled into a whole the way aether and I are 'viewing' it. So, its not like you can point someone to a singular 'topic' to understand all the different aspects.

Basically what we are beginning to view, and what is being created, is a new foundation. Most foundations are not scalar though. Electric Universe was getting the scalar information through plasma and electricity/magnetism, but the 'form' was not there yet. The structure and function are being dissected, and it is being seen to BE our environment, not separate from it.

And you are absolutely correct, the dropping of seeds even within my family. That is also what I do on GLP. It makes the unfamiliar become familiar once the intimacy of that 'spark' (seed) manifests within the mind when a particular topic triggers the memory of something once said or explained.
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals

The golden age is not for everyone. Heck it burnt out the 'gods' and they ran away.

My personal opinion is the symphony of destruction will focus awareness and the calm bits between will deliver the message, regardless of our posturing and intuitions.
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