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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's storming here too...Spirit...

Good day to clear the air...

I knew I started a shitstorm in hoping to find people like you guys who CAN talk about the information without all the personal bias's needing to be worked out still...

I miss the days where I could post my thoughts here without having to worry about crazy stalkers and their head games...
Any of my comments on that other thread about tolerating people it is directed more towards those kind of people...

So...if any of you thought it was directed to you personally and you're NOT someone who is posting crazy rants or insults then of course it wasn't directed at you.

And I want the air cleared becaues it's been too long I've been tippy toeing around those jerks afraid to say something that might set someone off.

They can cry and make fun of others as much as they want...free speech and all but they can do that in other threads... the abusive stalker trolling won't be just ignored by me anymore...I'm done with it.

Lesson learned...now it'd be nice to move on.
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