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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hey aruna...if I can get over the crap done and said to me on this site...so can you.
But that is your choice in the matter...not mine. I do care how you feel as I hope you care how I feel.
 Quoting: NA Spirit

It's not about getting OVER stuff said to me here.
People have said and done worse to me in life that I forgive for when I really shouldn't.

It's about wanting ONE THREAD to discuss information on at a level that doesn't get reduced to basic human shit like fighting, insults, life woe is me stories, page after page music, and other chat brat BS...


Because the information is important to me...and aether agrees...it's just easier without all the drama BS in between.

Swinging on Spirals is probably the only other person who understands what I'm talking about on this...he's been on this topic since the beginning...taught me more than I ever expected to learn about the sciences behind it...and probably waiting like hell for more people to catch up with him on it...so sorry if I take it personal...but it's ONE thread.

I'd like to roll on with the info but with people like Muse, the smurf trolls, it's NOT gonna happen.

I can take being hated...I can take negative karma...but I can't stand stupidity or mean people.

So fuck all you stupid mean people. :tongue:

Maybe this thread isn't for you...
If you're not a stupid mean person...then don't be offended by what I'm saying here...

(or maybe aether will ban my ass for being such a bitch...and then this thread will be all yours...lol)

At this point I'm gonna say fuck it all...

I'm not gonna be ashamed for wanting to talk to smart folks who are in touch with their intuitive senses and know who they are ALREADY and don't need GLP to find themselves or vent their rage at life onto other people.
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