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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't take your post personaly, even though its written as a reply to my post...I don't claim to be as smart as you aether and swinger...not even close...but I am far from a mean person and a troll...

And I am here to learn more...
 Quoting: NA Spirit

I think you're beautiful...I think most people are are genuinely good.

Which is probably why I'm more sensitive about people who choose to resort to disgusting behavior knowing full well they are CHOOSING that behavior.

And sometimes when someone is posting one thing (in words) and sending a whole other message of intent via feel...well...it's confusing to me.

Smarts come in all kinds of ways...Swinger is hella good with information and bringing science/technical into laymans terms...aether is like a library of facts unto himself with his ability to see the big picture and how things are connected...I'm not particularly book smart but I'm more a feeler...which is probably why I'm more sensitive when people aren't getting along or someone is causing friction...(whether it's intended by them or not).

I speak up about it and it's not always received well...but it by no means I think I'm perfect.

I'm just here to learn more too...
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