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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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you know i can`t remember the last time i saw a headline in cosmology that started:
as predicted we discovered...........

Unexpectedly slow motions below the Sun's surface

The interior motions of the Sun are much slower than predicted. Rather than moving at the speed of a jet plane (as previously understood) the plasma flows at a walking pace..............
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[link to phys.org]
 Quoting: aether

They may have a "current inability to understand" that "one of the most fundamental physical processes in the Sun and stars" is probably NOT "convection."
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It goes deeper than this. NASA are on record as saying that magnetism probably underlies the explanation for their Big Problems of coronal heating, CMEs, sunspot cycle, etc., and now the previously accepted explanation of how the magnetic field is generated is thrown into doubt by the new findings. They thought the rapid churning of plasma in the convection layer drove a solar dynamo, but their numbers don't work if the plasma motion is only 1/100th the required strength. So now they can't explain the magnetic field itself! So now it's back to the drawing board - or maybe back to Alfven, Peratt and Jeurgens for a rethink.
[link to www.thunderbolts.info]
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