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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Newton gave us his ‘law of gravity,’ which describes its effect but doesn’t explain it. “I frame no hypotheses,” he wrote.

Electromagnetic waves are far too slow to be the only means of signalling in an immense universe. Gravity requires the near-instantaneous character of the electric force to form stable systems like our solar system and spiral galaxies. Gravitationally, the Earth ‘sees’ the Sun where it is this instant, not where it was more than 8 minutes ago. Newton’s famous law of gravity does not refer to time.
 Quoting: observation

with that in mind we may see there exists universal dimensions within which intelligent information in motion/ velocity (feedback between all things) is of a speed that renders light to appear stationary because it is so slow in comparison

if we ourselves go into these dimensions we must by default match the velocity within their domain
once in there i can see people saying all that is caused by these dimensions appears still
but i can never imagine someone saying all that is in there is still
similar i can see that a person knowing of their existence would think these dimensions are still because their velocity from our light speed dimension renders their velocity impossible to detect thus the person would assume all is still within them
this leads me to believe that what we refer to as illuminated or cosmic consciousness minds are illuminated to the degree they know the existence of these dimensions but it seems to me that does not necessarily mean they have matched the velocity of their being to the velocity of these dimensions because were they to have done so
why would they declare no motion (stillness) is the cause of motion?
 Quoting: aether
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