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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Swinging on Spirals
Post Content
Waves, in general
[link to academic.greensboroday.org]

you know i`m detecting people don`t like to see what looks like nothing (void), we like to see and be in locations that have visible material things to see (orientate ourselves)

now we know that everywhere there exists electrically charged something we assume contains "particles" we can never see but we feel
and fields that we also never see but we feel
we are getting close to having to accept that even in places in "space" that appear devoid of anything there exists something that effects our feelings
this is our becoming used to our non material dimensions
if we think about it is useful when we die because we all agree we likely retain our ability to feel once we die even though we appear to know we no longer retain our material bodies to experience our feelings through
which is true
so like the "voids" we see in space
we may assume upon death we become like the "void"
invisible but able to feel

 Quoting: aether

Yeah, Aruna! Parallel thoughts. I just read this from aether, and it matches exactly with what I said, and vice-versa.

We said the same things with completely different words and sequences!

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