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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Bea Nameless
Post Content

If the size and power of the wave starting at 1:45 doesn't raise the hair on your arms...nothing will.
 Quoting: Seer777

imagine how some of our imaginative writers would have recorded that event 2000 to 5000 years ago tounge
 Quoting: aether

No need to imagine.

The stories are everywhere...

The Story of Atrahasis.

Sumerian Great Deluge Myth.
[link to faculty.gvsu.edu]

Wall, listen constantly to me!
Reed hut, make sure you attend to all my words!
Dismantle the house, build a boat, . . .
Roof it like the Apsu
So the sun cannot see inside it!
Make upper decks and lower decks,
The tackle must be very strong,
The bitumen [a kind of tar] strong . . . (Dalley 29-30)

Atrahasis gathers the elders of Shuruppak and makes up an excuse to leave town: he says that Enki and Enlil are angry with each other and that Enki has commanded him to go down to the water's edge. Which he does, and there he builds his boat and fills it with every type of animal (the text is fragmentary here) and his family. Adad begins to thunder, and sick with impending doom ("his heart was breaking and he was vomiting bile"), Atrahasis seals up the door of the boat with bitumen (Dalley 31).

The storm and flood turn out to be more than the gods bargained for:

Like a wild ass screaming the winds howled
The darkness was total, there was no sun. . . .
As for Nintu the Great Mistress,
Her lips became encrusted with rime.
The great gods, the Annuna,
Stayed parched and famished.
The goddess watched and wept . . . (Dalley 31-32)

The great mother goddess complains bitterly about Enlil and Anu's shortcomings as decision-makers, and she weeps for the dead humans who "clog the river like dragonflies."

 Quoting: Seer777

The difference lies in the ability to communicate it on an explainable level. Back then, concepts that correspond to natural phenomena are ascribed to personifications. The context is missing in many ancient accounts due to the lack of understanding of within those chronicles. Things that lack mystery in objective observation take on the subjective mystery of the chronicler. The key lies in sorting what parts of the story is about a personification since the data is corrupted.
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