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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Velikovsky cites numerous ancient sources of the "earth turning over", the Sun reversing it's movement across the sky, the Sun setting where it formerly rose and rising where it formerly set, etc. (Often times the sources mention an accompanying disruption of the apparent motion of the fixed stars too, and associate these disruptions in the celestial sphere with any number of catastrophes inflicted upon man and the Earth.)

That this equates to a reversal of rotation is certainly difficult for modern man to accept, it has been proposed that these statements could be explained if the Earth was tipped over.

Whatever the exact physical events and their timing, that gave rise to these observations is open to debate, but at the very least, they are describing some radical disruption of the order of the solar system.

The tomb of Senmut (or Senemut) who was an architect for the 18th Dyn Queen Hatshepsut.
Note the Wiki entry on Senmut makes no mention of anything out of the ordinary in his star chart:

This is a perfect example of how the uniformitarian bias puts blinders on otherwise intelligent people.

Velikovsky cited the Egyptologists who first studied Senmut's tomb and were astounded to find that there was something "wrong" with the star charts, of course nobody at the time actually considered that the chart represented an actual view of the sky.

Yet could the Egyptians be so ignorant as to depict the sky in the wrong order?

On page of 108 (Doubleday) of Worlds In Collision; citing A. Pogo, "The Astronomical Ceiling Decoration in the Tomb of Senmut (XVIII Dynasty)," Isis (1930) p. 306, 315, 316:
 Quoting: obervation

"A characteristic feature of the Senmut ceiling is the astronomically objectionable orientation of the southern panel." The center of this panel is occupied by the Orion-Sirius group, in which Orion appears west of Sirius instead of east. "The orientation of the southern panel is such that the person in the tomb looking at it has to lift his head and face north, not south." "With the reversed orientation of the south panel, Orion, the most conspicuous constellation of southern sky, appeared to be moving eastward, i.e., in the wrong direction."
 Quoting: observation

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]
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