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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
okay, i have a witness

it is just dark here in the center of this metropolis and at 7.53 pm i imagine there are 15 million people around me

i open the french windows to walk onto the terrace and the witness put the terrace lights on

as the lights went on an OWL landed on the terrace railing 5 ft from us, looked me in the eyes for 10 seconds, then flew away
 Quoting: aether

want to hear something creepy?
I was out a bit ago with my daughter ...she said in class today they were bored so they surfed on the phone

shes not suppose to be doing that during class but she was...
shes a crack pot like me btw but not so sever lol
she has this thing now where she is obsessed with dolphins and cats 'for real'... she even uses dolphins as like a 1 to 5 thing when saying how much she likes a book she will give it like 4 or something but its images of dolphins
I have to print this stuff ut for her so I see this... I say your teacher is not going to like this.. well I was wrong the teacher laughed...
any ways..........

today she said they surfed and they were looking up spirit animals.. mind you the last time she cracked a joke at me she said her spirit animal was oprah winfrey (shes a crack pot)
when they did this online game its like a servay it askes you questions and then gives you a result
her spirit animal came up a owl her best friend ben came up as a bear

blah blah blah
fricking weird times.......
not to mention what I was hearing on the radio before I picked her up

the radio station is called SHE radio and in-between songs they have these short clips of some woman saying things its kinda funny

she said: 'with great power comes a large electricity bill'
then played 'blinded by the' light song
then it came back on again
said: 'still trying to figure out our master plan' then laughed hysterically...
then played prince 1999

oh no I wasn't crapping my pants at all no sir nope
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