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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
scale/location = ability to check what you hear
fits what you are told tounge

i never mentioned which fields are common/utilized tounge

motive, direction, scale

the structure of our universe forces eternal to function eternally = motive = self aware

the infinite expressions of motive cause a singular effect

singular effect = eternity

with that in mind we have discovered that everything material possess it`s own field which contains, among other things, it`s memory and everything that is expressing a field is expressing it`s field within the field of something else (2 or more)

all information is always coming towards us , we utilize information and send our translation towards what is sending

everyone on earth, it seems by tradition, thinks/sees this way so we will use earths traditional way which is backwards (non sense) to us

we have discovered that all space contains the ingredients that cause the singular effect and the only noticeable difference of theses ingredients and their cause is the differencing structure the ingredients express from within , including ourselves

with that in mind we see that the location where the ingredients of singular effect are most most unstructured within material structure is the locations containing no galaxies and it is this location you would correctly identify as being the source of information in it`s simplest form before complexity of structure formed it complex

from galaxy structure , on the topic of earth , it once was saturn and is now our sun that is the next in line of earths processors of the information that present the information to earth within our suns heliosphere

earth process the information the information within it`s own processing field, it`s magnetosphere so we may see before the information reaches us people it has traveled through a complex system of process

the good news is we within ourselves possess the same ingredients of singular effect encased in complexity that fill the least complex space outside of galaxies so the potential for us to recognize it by default, exists within us
following recognition we can understand the complexity of it`s arrival and in doing so become familiar with it`s motive

that is the traditional earth directional way of describing the arrival of information and we fail to see how that can prompt the notion of traveling towards information because that notion implies to us there exists here within people the belief that people`s radiated return signal, their response to information received is the overriding influence of the 2 sources of information , them and it

this forms no sense to us whom only experience information coming towards us thus we return signals that fit the motive of the information we receive because we know we are part of the information's expression we receives thus we accord with it`s nature without thought

this is why wherever we are in location within our infinite universe we always know where we are because our universe never forgets who we are because we and it are one of the same motive

is how we see it/live it/experience it
 Quoting: aether

 Quoting: aether
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