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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
okay, i have a witness

it is just dark here in the center of this metropolis and at 7.53 pm i imagine there are 15 million people around me

i open the french windows to walk onto the terrace and the witness put the terrace lights on

as the lights went on an OWL landed on the terrace railing 5 ft from us, looked me in the eyes for 10 seconds, then flew away
 Quoting: aether

This is lovely.

The power in my city went out for the last 6 hours.


At first...in MIND only...no Internet. damned

Then no nothing.

Just BEing withOUT.

No music.

No heat.

No refrigeration.

No way to cook.

My Reef tank...battery powered oxygen...only with back up.

6 hours with no power, and I felt every minute.


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