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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Two for One
Oct 04, 2012

The Sombrero galaxy appears to be a giant elliptical galaxy with an embedded disk.

One of the most significant contributions to plasma cosmology comes from Dr. Anthony L. Peratt, a plasma physicist and protégé of the Nobel laureate Hannes Alfvén. Peratt studied plasma formations in the laboratory for many years, monitoring short-duration z-pinch effects, as well as creating particle-in-cell animations using the best supercomputers available. His conclusions included a theory that galaxies, rather than being condensations of gravitationally bound gas and dust, were actually plasma formations.

Simulations of galactic-scale, field-aligned Birkeland current filaments revealed that “…compression of tenuous cosmic plasma due to the self-consistent magnetic fields from currents conducted through the filaments” resulted in the formation of several galaxy configurations. Among them were elliptical and barred-spiral shapes.............
 Quoting: observation

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